Cancer Update #13

December 3, 2016 – Art Interview

Dear Friends and Family,

I think that many of you know that I have been making art about cancer as I travel along this double cancer road. Early last summer I was interviewed by The Muse Magazine, an online publication coming out of McMaster University’s medical humanities program. I was really impressed with the kinds of questions that Irina Sverdlichenko asked and I’m delighted with the final interview. Please have a look at both my interview and the whole issue. Feel free to pass this along. (There is a Full Screen icon if you mouse below the magazine image.) 

I started the chemo phase of my breast cancer treatment this week. So far there have been no dramatic side effects.

I’m bracing myself for the unknown as I go through the next 12 weeks. Then radiation.

Not all of you will know that I was evicted from my fabulous studio at the end of Sept. I didn’t take it personally as everyone on my floor was kicked out to make room for the ever expanding gaming company, UBISoft. There was some very quick footwork and the help of my tremendous community to find a new place, pack up and move. I’m settled into the new space and excited to be here.

Thank you, as always, for all your love and support.




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