Cancer Update #1

Jan 21, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

I think many of you know that I have been waiting to see a nephrologist as I’ve had some tests which point to kidney disease. Today I saw the nephrologist and my bad news just got a lot worse. It looks as though I am dealing with bone marrow cancer – myeloma. While I am about to embark on many tests to confirm this, the nephrologist said he was 90% sure that this is what we were looking at. I figure a specialist doesn’t sit in an office and say 90% bone marrow cancer unless that’s the story.

Bone marrow cancer is often caught first by nephrologists as kidney problems are one of the first places it is seen. Another major symptom is back pain and another is anemia. Those of you who see me here in Toronto know that I have started using a cane because my back pain has me almost immobile. I have also been suffering from extreme exhaustion.

The specialist has advised me to take a leave from my job effective immediately as I will be going through many medical tests and quite probably chemo. He is referring me to a haematologist as this is a cancer of the blood.

Peter was with me at the appointment today, and I feel held up and buoyed by his loving support through all of this. I’m guessing that many of you will write me  supportive letters for which I am glad; forgive me if I don’t get back to you right away. I’m so lucky to have such a loving and supportive community.

I have included many people on this list who didn’t even know about the kidney problem. A lot of this has happened very quickly. I’m so sorry that this is how you are learning about my health troubles, but I need you to know what is going on.



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